Sassy Savage 14.5oz


Sassy Savage Mug

Fine..I'll admit it.  I go through each of these moods almost everyday.  Emotional rollercoaster may be the best way to sum it up.  However, at the end of the day I always turn on that savage mode (at least after a lot of coffee) and get it done.  If you have a little bit of:

Sassy, Moody, Nasty, Classy, Bougie, Ratchet...Savage in you or know someone that does.  You need this mug in your life!


  • 14.5oz | 4 (top diameter) x 3.5 (height)x 3" (bottom diameter)
  • Ceramic Campfire Style Mug
  • White Sesame Glaze
  • Design on both sides of mug
  • Light Ivory with Speckles and Black Lettering
  • Designed in the USA


  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Wash Before Use + Avoid Abrasive Cloths When Cleaning
  • Use Caution When Removing From Microwave


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